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Classes, Books and Videos

Celie Fago is a self-taught jewelry artist and author with a background in painting, printmaking, sculpture and metals. She offers many workshops that are held in her studio, an old brick farm house in Central Vermont.


A YouTube tutorial video by Pam East,

you can purchase the full 65 minutes video here:

Pam East is an internationally known artist, writer and teacher. She gives classes and lectures around the US.


Jewelry artist Bette Barnett specializes in steel and gold mixed metals jewelry and has perfected the application of KeumBoo on steel. She studied the techniques for fusing gold to steel with the late Chris Nelson, who pioneered this work in the U.S. Bette has dedicated the past six years to refining and expanding the application of gold to steel, including Keum Boo. 


KeumBoo works beautifully on steel. And it’s even easier than silver because you can skip the depletion gilding with steel. Keum Boo on steel also creates drop-dead drama because of the sharp contrast between the rich gold foil and the deep black of patinated steel. 


Bette offers workshops throughout the U.S. in steel and gold, including KeumBoo.  You can learn more about her workshops at

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